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Party Platter - custom-make

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A party is not complete without the crowd's favourite. Fine belgian chocolates, limited edition boutique wines and healthy dessert snacks are the sought after food pairing for a perfect indulgence treat to your guests. Be it a private corporate event or simple house gathering, each platter is curated to perfection based on your preference and budget. 

Why us?

Leonidas chocolates and pralines are air flown in from Belgium and made from 100% cocoa butter using only fresh ingredients. Over 50 selection of flavours to satisfy any tastebuds. The wines are limited edition wines, imported from boutique winery around the world, which are not available at your usual wine stores or supermarkets. The desserts and snacks are carefully sourced to ensure they are fresh and of best quality. To us, we believe in creating a platter that leaves a lasting impression to both the sight and taste. Therefore, each platter is uniquely created to your liking. 

Talk to us. Watsapp us at 012-3099826 and share with us your party goals. 

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