A CENTURY OF FRESHNESS, GENEROSITY AND TRADITION In 1913, Leonidas Kestekides opened a tearoom in the Belgian city of Ghent. The ambitious young Greek-American delighted visitors with his sweet creations, in particular his luxurious chocolate pralines. It was these little treats that would go on to shape the future of Kestekides and his family. From Ghent, Leonidas soon moved to Brussels, opening another tea room and bringing on board his nephew Basilio. When Basilio opened a modest chocolate shop on Boulevard Anspach in Brussels, Leonidas as we know it was born. Four generations and more than a century after Leonidas made his first pralines, his eponymous company has evolved into one of the most well-known – and most successful – chocolate makers in the world. Leonidas Belgian chocolates can be found in over 1,300 stores worldwide. The range includes more than 100 different pralines, each made from 100% pure cocoa butter and high-quality natural ingredients. The company prides itself on its ability to deliver excellence in terms of taste, quality and freshness while maintaining an accessible price point.

We believe that everyone can and should enjoy fine pure Belgium chocolates no matter where they are. Our online delivery now helps us connect with chocolate lovers every day in Malaysia and it is our joy to spread chocolate happiness to our fellow friends who have been supporting us throughout these years and welcoming new ones too.

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