Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Premium Dark Chocolate

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Premium Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolates? But if you are a premium dark chocolate lover, you are a true chocolate lover. However, with so many options available and everyone claiming to be selling premium dark chocolate, finding the legitimate premium dark chocolate can be a daunting task.

Don’t worry!! We are here to help you.

So, whether you want to buy dark chocolate for corporate chocolate gifts or to satisfy your own cravings, here are some tips for finding legitimate dark chocolate.

Check the Ingredients

First things first, you should check the ingredients section on the pack. There are some ingredients that must be present in a premium dark chocolate bar and some ingredients that must not be present. Here is a list:

1. Cocoa

Cocoa is the first ingredient that you will find in the ingredients. There can be multiple types of cocoa, such as cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cocoa nibs, or cocoa solids. All of these forms of cocoa are acceptable, but their quantity should be between 50-90%.

2. Sugar

Cocoa is naturally bitter in taste, and often sugar is added to chocolate bars to neutralize its bitter taste. However, premium dark chocolates contain very little quantity of sugar.

So, if you are buying 70% dark chocolate, the sugar content should be 2.1 g in 10 g of chocolate. And if you are buying 40% dark chocolate, sugar should be 4 g per 10 g of chocolate.

3. Lecithin

You may or may not find lecithin in a premium dark chocolate bar, and it’s totally fine. Lecithin is an ingredient that helps keep cocoa and cocoa butter together and blend flavours.

4. Milk

A premium quality dark chocolate should not have any milk in it. Some chocolate makers may add milk or milk fat to soften dark chocolate, but it should not be more than 12%.

5. Flavours

Dark chocolates often come with flavours, like spices, fruit extract, and oils to improve their taste. While vanilla is the most common flavor used in premium dark chocolates, orange-flavored dark chocolate is also very popular. Premium dark chocolate makers always use organic flavours, so don’t forget to check the pack for natural or organic ingredients labels.

6. Trans fat

Trans fat is a big no in premium dark chocolates. It increases the risk of heart diseases. So avoid dark chocolates that contain hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil.

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